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Fitness Results 20th Anniversary Celebration

Fitness Results 20th Anniversary Celebration

Please join us on Saturday May 3, 2014 at 1PM-5PM, as we celebrate 20 years of Fitness Results as well as 10 years at our Upland location and 1 year of our New Group Fitness Zone!
Location: 1842 W 11th St Ste. G&H
Upland, CA 91784
Food will be provided by Villa Roma
Appetizers by Tutti Mangia
Entertainment by our very own Kevin Guardado and his band Zephrys
Massages provided by our very own Larry Wade, Kneadz Work
Informational Sessions for Personal Training, TRX, Kangoo Jumps, Stretching, and Nutrition

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Bob Thunell’s Continuing Strength Gain

Congratulations Bob Thunell on your continuing progress. You are definitely getting stronger! Keep it up!

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Fitness Results Contest Winners

Fitness Results Contest Winners

Congratulations to our Contest Winners

Mike – 15 lbs. weight loss
Gail – 12 lbs. weight loss
Lynn – 10 lbs. weight loss and an increase in strength

An increase in strength for all of the following:

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Fitness Results welcomes the Newest Addition to the Family


Fitness Results welcomes the newest addition to the family. Welcome Raheem Luis Harris, 9 lbs, 21 in. And Congratulations to our very own Rodney Harris!

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Releasing Body Tension with Massage Therapy

Kevin Guardado NSCA-CPT


Myofascial release, or massage therapy as it is more commonly called, is a soft tissue treatment for the skeletal muscles and its connective tissues meant to mobilize your joints and release pain and tension from your body, most commonly found in the neck and lower back. Massage is meant to loosen tight muscles, stretches connective tissue, reduces chronic pain and spasms, and promotes effective breathing and posture. It is a very underused and underutilized treatment that everyone can greatly benefit from, but very few seem to take advantage of. My guess is that many are just not aware of its benefits or the many ways you can release tension through massage. In this article I will be discussing its benefits, including physical, mental and emotional benefits. Myofascial release is a holistic approach to recovery, in which every part of your physiology benefits from its treatment.

I will begin with its physical benefits. For one, it relaxes your muscles and literally turns them off for a while. Overworked muscle will become tight, rigid and painful over time, and it will only continue to build up tension unless its released. Massage calms your nervous system, which is directly related muscular tension. Your nervous system is the “electrical impulse” that sends signals from your brain to your muscles that allows them to turn on or off. In a high-stress and high-paced environment, your nervous system usually never gets a chance to turn off, leaving you feeling stressed, tight and exhausted. It also increases the rate at which your body recovers. Recovery is the most important part of training, this is when you actually build muscle, regenerate cells and strengthen your immune system. A good training program has an equal balance of working out type exercises (resistance and cardiovascular training) and working in type exercises (stretching, massage, walking and deep-breathing). Massage is perfect for recovery because it lowers blood pressure, slows respiration and heart rate, increases blood and lymph circulation, speeds metabolic waste removal. This aids in your training program, greatly increasing your performance in the gym and reducing injury by increasing your flexibility and mobility so that you can exercise using a proper range of motion. If you experience pain or inflexibility due to and prior injury, massage aids in breaking up rigid scar tissue and reducing inflammation.

In terms of mental and emotional benefits, it reduces mental stress by turning of your nervous system allowing your mind to turn off for a while. It improves sleep quality, also aiding in your mental and physical recovery, so you can go about your day with a newly refreshed mental focus, strength and vitality. Massage also increases serotonin, your body’s “anti-depression” hormone as well as endorphins which are your body’s natural painkillers. Altogether it reduces anxiety and stress, and improves your self image and provides a sense of well being.

Its benefits are cumulative; the more often your receive them the better you’ll feel and the quicker your body will respond. Once per week is optimal and at least once a month for maintenance thereafter. Make an appointment today! We have professionally licensed massage therapist Larry Wade, business owner of Kneadz Work located here at Fitness Results. Try it for yourself, I guarantee you’ll see the benefits after the first session. Stay strong, and pain free!

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Clients Kat and Mark weight loss progression

Clients Kat and Mark weight loss progression

Congratulations to Kat and Mark. Down over 50 lbs. combined. Kat down 30 lbs. and Mark down 23 lbs. Keep it up.

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Marshall Canyon Hike

Good Morning Everyone! 
Happy Tuesday!!

This Saturday March 29,2014 we will be hosting a Upper Marshall Canyon Trail at 7:30 am.
We would love to see you there…

“Marshall Canyon Trail is a 4.1 mile trail located near La Verne, California. The trail is primarily used for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.”-All Trails National Geographic

Directions From 210 Freeway: 
Exit Fruit St. 
Go north 1 block on Fruit (toward the hills) to Base Line Rd, turn L (west). 
Go 0.3 miles to Esperanza Dr, turn R (north). 
Go 2.1 miles to Stephens Ranch Rd, turn R (north) 
Go 1.0 mile to parking at equestrian assembly area (dirt lot on R), 6550 Stephens Ranch Rd
( source – All Trails National Geographic)
If you have any questions about the hike or about any of our programs at Fitness Results please feel free to contact us at 909-608-1780.

Hope you have a nice day!

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Check out our client Bernice leg pressing 430lbs for ten reps! The last time that happened the gentlemen was take to the hospital (torn abductor …he’s fine. He was back in the gym on Friday)
Our clients and their abilities are no joke!!

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Baby beast mode!!

Baby beast mode!!

We start them young here at Fitness Results!! Client Julieann brought her adorably cute and STRONG son Dj ( turning 2 thursday ) in today for a quick workout. Strong and healthy just like his mama!!! He is lifting half his body weight…..just for fun! # babybeastmode — with Julianne Villalba.

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We love working out

We love working out

Just finished a awesome double workout! First we did kangoo then we finished with some upper body TRX. Don’t mind the sweat…that’s just our fat crying!!
Join us for the fun.

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