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New TRX class time added


A new friday morning TRX class has been added. It will be held at 8:30am. See you there!!!

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TRX/Bouldering workout with the Alta Loma H2o Polo Girls

Our girls TRX/Bouldering workout fro this morning. Keep it up ladies!



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Our Alta Loma H2o Polo Girls at practice

The Fitness Results Bootcamp for the Alta Loma Girls H2o Polo team is definitely making a difference for them. Here they are at practice. Way to go ladies!!! Keep it up!!!



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TRX with the Alta Loma Girls Water Polo Team

Great circuit/TRX workout this morning with the Alta Loma Girls Water Polo Team… Stay tuned for more each week. And join in on the fun here at Fitness Results!!! Way to go Ladies!!!



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Leg Day with the Alta Loma Girls Water Polo Team

Lag Day with the Alta Loma Girls Water Polo Team. You girls are getting stronger. Keep it up and get ready to max next week!!!



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TRX Level II Supsension Training on Sept 28

For those of you already TRX Level I Qualified, we will be hosting a TRX Level II Qualification Course on Sunday, September 28th. For more information or to register for the course, please follow the link If you are interested in a Level I qualifaction, there will be a class held on Sunday, October 5th at The Studio in Temecula, CA. For more information on the Level I Qualification Course, please follow the link

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Today’s Workout with the Alta Loma Girl’s Water Polo Team

Here are the Girls from the Alta Loma Water Polo Team working hard with Coach Kevin. This is their forth week training with us after their initial training during “Hell Week.” Keep it up girls!!!



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Workout of the Day… Bench Press

Here is the workout of the day… Bench Press close grip
Starting Position
• Lie on the bench, back flat.
• The bar is held with the hands slightly inward of shoulder width.
• The hands must be equal distance from the center of the bar.
• The bar is lifted from the supports and held over the upper portion of the chest.
Downward Movement
• The bar is lowered slowly, keeping the elbows in.
• Take the bar down to the top of your abdominals.
• Keep the wrists rigid and the forearms perpendicular to the floor and parallel to each other. The grip width will determine how parallel the forearms are to each other.
Upward Movement
• The arms are then extended straight up to complete the exercise.
• Do not forcefully lock the elbows.
• Do not arch the lower back or lift the buttocks from the original position.
Targeted Muscle:

March9 016
starting position

March9 017
end position

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Burn Calories while you sleep

Did you know that you can burn calories just by getting at least 7 hours of sleep? I is a true statement and it all depends on your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), height, and body weight. For example, an individual who weighs 160 lbs burns 69 calories per hour of sleep, which can add up to 483 calories with 7 hours of sleep. Of course nutrition and fitness also plays a large factor in this. Nutrition is something that plays a key factor in this. Eating before bedtime is not recommended because it can lead to weight gain.

For more information on this, contact us at (909)608-1780.

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Nutrition Facts of the Day

Did you know that 5 lbs of muscle weighs the same as 5 lbs of fat? Well, the fact of the matter is that this statement is 100% true. It may be deceiving but the main fact in regards to the statement is that muscle is more dense than fat. When you piece it together, two different people can be the same exact height and weight but their body compositions will be different. The conclusion to this is that one will have more body fat percentage, while the other has more muscle mass. This is why nutrition along with exercise is very important if you want to stay on track of any kind of fitness program.

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